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Executive Search / Permanent Placement At People Source, we use a robust database to effectively find the right candidates, in the fastest time. Our fully relational database allows us to search for candidates using highly specific codes in order to ensure the results are accurate and efficient to satisfy our clients need.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment processes is a critical HR function in any organization. These processes include sourcing, assessing, interviewing, hiring administration and new staff orientation. It is a task that consumes endless time and scare resources of an organisation.

By outsourcing your organisation recruitment process, you are able to focus on key activities such as business development and key operational matter. RPO is a cost-effective service, designed to provide organization of any size in any industry with the experience of time effectiveness recruitment process. People Source provide RPO services in any form of hiring projects and/or provide long-term strategic recruitment process service integrations. As a single-source partner, People Source will take care the recruitment process so that you see only qualified candidates with real potential during hiring interviews. Once the talent has been identified and allocated, we can assist all parties involved with the integration process and continue to be a part of your company's growth as we have one of the most disciplined, most comprehensive recruitment process methodologies in the business.

By leveraging on the talents and efficiencies of our seasoned recruiters, RPO helps organisation augment capacity, build upon internal strengths and maximize the efficiency of the organisation own human resource staff while leaving the details/process execution to us.

  • Position Analysis
  • Research and Sourcing of Candidate
  • Candidate Screening, Evaluation and Interview by People Source
  • Client Interview and Subsequent Reference Checking by People Source
  • Offer of Employment/Rejection
  • Follow-Up

Our proven and successful recruitment experience has enabled us to develop a well-defined process that can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of each recruitment process assignment. Each step is clearly focused on identifying, attracting and evaluating potential candidate, so that you see only qualified candidate with real potential and thereby positively impact the overall competency and success of the entire organization.

To ensure effectiveness and deliverable in our service we routinely communicate with our clients by phone and e-mail daily, and meeting on a weekly basis to ensure continual client awareness of the progress of the project, and to render total customer experience.

Contract Outsourcing

For whatever reasons, outsourcing of manpower has become a common practice in today's ever demanding economy, be it either executive or skilled staff, such demand has never ceased. Besides permanent outsourcing, People Source provides temporary, contract and recruitment process outsourcing solutions. By getting People Source involved, we take care all of the aspects of hiring, payroll and retention processes, so that you observe only true qualified candidates with real potential as a catalyst for your organisational growth.








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